Healing Tools

While the FDA prohibits any claims of cures from any source that has not been tested and approved, I can only state my experiences with the tools provided herein. So with that out of the way, let's look at some of the options that nature gave us that I explored in my own healing adventure!

My Cancer Protocol
A four page detail of the protocol I used for my own healing including diet, supplements and therapies. Though this is specific to my own type of cancer, all of the categories pertain to all types in addition to chronic disease.  As always though, please be sure to have a proper medical professional monitor your condition and progress.

Healing Touch
A light or no touch practice that facilitates energy flow in the body, connecting with the mind and heart, to allow the body to receive healing. The experience varies widely from relaxation to physical and/or emotional healing to spiritual impact.  Results can be seen or felt immediately or days following.  Email to request a session in the Middle Tennessee area.

Healing Through Music
I am a firm believer that music can heal. But taking it further, music at various levels of frequency can help to trigger and support healing throughout the body. Music is energy.  It's frequencies that when properly utilized to support the varying frequencies in our bodies, cool things can happen!

Nature's Sunshine Supplements & Support
So many of the vitamins and supplements I used and continue to use today came from Nature's Sunshine. There are many vendors out there that fall short of quality and efficacy, but I believe in the quality and performance of this company, and it is supported by many natural medical professionals.

Essential Oils
Gold (tumeric), Frankincense and Myrrh. Yup, just a few of the healing oils and spices we are all familiar with.  Learning how to incorporate oils into your lifestyle can help to promote good health and relieve symptoms. There are a few excellent sources for essential oils.

The Magi-Complex
A highly therapeutic grade of frankincense, myrrh and "gold" to help in reduction of inflammation throughout the body.

Brain & Skin Health from Nerium
The brain is a participant in all functions of health and having a healthy brain can help to support a healthy body. 

Self-Care Practices
This encompasses a lot of different elements. Self care practices includes proper nutrition and exercise, in addition to proper rest and recovery options.  From meditation to salt therapies, massage to sports activities, your self-care protocol can be developed to support whole body health from the inside out.  Take a look at what this self-care coach has to offer.

Screening and regular check-ups are recommended to monitor the body to maintain wellness and address areas of concern before they become a real problem. But many screening techniques can contribute to weakening the body's immune function while showing areas of concern after they are already a problem.  Thermography is a great alternative to the traditional methods for breast screening.  While not 100%, it's still more accurate and safer!


Living from Cancer
Nashville, TN