Healing Touch Therapy

Healing Touch has been an integral part of my healing adventure!   This therapy allowed for me the opportunity to explore the mind-body connection of my cancer and begin to reveal the "onion layers" running deep into my core.  Understandings of myself, the body, disease and the metaphyisical world were unfolded beyond my imagination, resulting in my ability to reach full healing - beyond the extermination of the cancer.

"Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that uses gentle touch to assist in balancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Healing Touch works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal, is safe for all ages and works in harmony with standard or allopathic medical care."
- Healing Touch International

As a result of my experience, I have worked to become a Healing Touch Practitioner so that I can offer this gift to others for their healing process as it was so graciously offered to me.  

Initial sessions are approximately 2 hours with follow ups from 60-90 minutes.  If you are in the Middle Tennessee or surrounding area and are interested in exploring this healing tool, please email me for more information.

May your adventure in healing begin...
Paula Swift
Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice
Healing Beyond Borders / Healing Touch International


"Paula Swift's Healing Touch therapy offered comfort and relief when nothing else seemed to help. Best way to say, I had been knocked way off course by life's hardships and had no energy reserved to get back on track. I was exhausted and medical professionals had a hard time identifying a viable means of treatment. This resulted in a severe low point, prior to seeing her, relating to my work, health and family shifts. I had been diagnosed with   adrenal fatigue with symptoms of lack of energy,foggy brain, frustration, depression and apathy. Paula and I had been friends for years and I was positive of her talent. She has always been a positive influence, having great empathy, also able to provide tools of grounded thinking and problem solving. After her healing studies we discussed my situation of which I was at a loss for solutions. Since she is also a sister in having breast cancer I felt she, more than others, could impact my healing because of our shared experiences. After the first few sessions I felt a shift in my energy level toward a better/stronger balance. She emphasized we were partners in my wellness and I needed to be open and aware to the changes happening as she worked with me. I found a positive shift in myself as we continued sessions, I became confident, able to see toxic situations for myself. I gained a knowledge, through her council and energy work, of how to deal with life shifts for best possible outcomes for my well being.  As she worked with balancing me energetically, I became aware of getting back my stability, emotionally and physically. Spiritually I became more aware of my personal power born in me by my maker, that I was a winner in  life and my cancer battle, that I was strong because my body saved me and that the gifts I have are valid, important on a grander scale. I was able to hear my spirit better identifying that any person or situation which tears at this gift is more damaged than myself, to be conscious not to allow that darkness to distort me. Paula's care for me, her gift as a conduit of Gods love and gift as a "power filled" healer has been life changing for me.I am now back to a productive life, an enriched soul, positive intellect, strong boundaries; having a confident, open knowledge of my person and my abilities. Many praises to her healing gifts." - Lin


Living from Cancer
Nashville, TN