Mind & Body

The mind, spirit and body connection is a REAL thing!   And the science of quantum physics supports enough evidence for you skeptics out there.   And for those with traditional faith (myself included), there is Biblical evidence as well.   In fact, the theories and practices behind healing methods connecting the mind and body are not new (New Age), and their not ancient Chinese secrets either.  They are in fact, original to creation - whether you believe in creation, evolution or a combination of both.


Though I had always believed in these connections, my adventure with cancer brought new meaning, understanding and insight.   It all started with one crazy piece of advice from someone that opened me up to a series of some serious "ah-ha" moments...


I truly thought this woman was a nut for advising me to do this!   How can I love something that was trying to destroy me?  This is something that people fight, not love.  To love, means to accept and I certainly did not want my cancer to feel loved and welcomed in my body, no thank you!

But, of course, I had to ponder on it a bit.  And what do you know - It started to make sense.  Cancer wasn't the evil culprit, but rather the symptom of other things that needed healing in my mind, heart and body.  Cancer became my internal teacher for the true sources of what needed my attention.


As I truly began to understand this, gratefulness crept in and turned my initial despise towards the cancer to one of loving it for what it was showing me and teaching me.  The more my heart softened to the illness within me - spiritually, emotionally and physically - the more my heart evolved.  I learned to forgive myself and others for things I wasn't even recognizing before.  I learned compassion for situations that I never had before.  I learned to see with my heart and with love on a level that I had never before experienced.  With these new insights, I also began to see God in a whole new way, with a new ability to see much more of Him than ever before...His power, His grace, His love, and His ways of bringing me to "supernatural" experiences.


As my heart revealed areas needing healing, my body would speak to me.  A more prominent example of this was pain that I would often experience in my upper back, just below the shoulder blades.  While that area was where I had developed some scoliosis that was in the process of correcting, there was an exercise that revealed an emotional connection to the pain flaring up.

During a healing touch session with a group, we were asked to find a partner and sit for a rather uncomfortable period of time in close proximity to each other.  During this time, we were to quietly in our minds extend unconditional love to the other person while being open to receiving unconditional love from them.  A few minutes in, my upper back began to ache.  I moved and stretched a bit, but it only became worse.  So I briefly turned my thoughts to asking myself, why is my back suddenly in a lot of pain?  Almost immediately, I was "told" that I was refusing to receive the unconditional love my partner was extending.  I began to use the suggested affirmations in my mind to begin receiving, allowing myself to be worthy of receiving.  Almost immediately the pain was relieved, and by the end of the exercise, it was completely gone.  While some might see this as a coincidences, it was not to me.  You see, receiving love from others has been something that I have always struggled with.  Someday I hope to understand why, but recognizing this within me has helped me so much already!!    And since that day, when my back aches in that area, I know to do affirmations for my mind and heart.  Crazy as it sounds, it always works.


There are emotions and thoughts that physically are connected to various parts of the body.  And when illness or pain creeps in, one can almost always discover that connection if they are open to it...and thus begins a WHOLE HEALING adventure!


Living from Cancer
Nashville, TN