Date: 06/02/2023
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Today happens to be a classic example for self-care.  It's not something I would have done in years past, but now I clearly understand the warning signs for when it is needed, and unapologetically do what's necessary to keep myself from getting into a danger zone.  I've learned the hard way that being mindful to the body's signals is critical to our wellness.

Last week included a lot of various activities, following several weeks of go, go, go.  There was some work to be done for my marketing clients, attention to a non-profit that I am now on the board for, my son's birthday, his big regional race (supporting him and the event as well), family life, teaching a class, taking an online class, and some extra pushes in my workouts among all the everyday little things that pile up.  While most might consider the schedule for my week to be normal, it is no longer for me, nor should it be for anyone really.   We were not created for the modern lifestyles we live today.   And I tend to have my hands in lots of's what keeps me interested as routine quickly bores me, but I have to be careful to not overload.

I had been looking forward to Sunday to simply rest.   Sleep in, go to church, relax with my mom and my boys.  And it wasn't too far off from that.  In fact, I was feeling pretty good...that tired that you feel when you are on the rebound.  But that night, I couldn't sleep (a little cup of coffee too late in the day - shoulda known!) and I ended up with less than 4 hours of sleep.   Monday returned me to my schedule of activities and by the evening, I had a tough time driving myself to the class I was teaching.  Thankfully our discussions bring energy to me - enough to get  me home.   Upon arriving home by 8:30, I promptly made some herbal tea, tucked my boy into bed, chatted with the husband a bit and fell quickly asleep.

This morning, an active thunderstorm brought me out of my deep slumber just before 5am and kept us from sound sleep until it was time to get up at 6:30.   I felt ok, but not great.   Driving my son to school proved difficult as my eyes became super heavy!!

Arriving home, there was a choice.   I could make some coffee to go alongside my protein filled breakfast and get on with my day, or I could rest.   This was tough - Tuesdays are my heavy workload day and I had a long list of little things to be done among a few bigger items.   But I simply could not ignore my heavy body was screaming at me for more rest.

Back upstairs to just lay my head down a bit, and almost 2 1/2 hours later I woke 10:50am!   Here came the second choice...jump up and scramble to get caught up, or pay attention to that voice inside saying "this is a self-care day".   As tough as it is to put the to-do's aside, I decide to adhere to my body's demands...

So today's self-care includes:  extra sleep, extra quiet time/meditation/prayer, some breathing exercises, a gentle workout, some reading, a little writing, a little time with my boy after school and a little community time with some girlfriends tonight.  It's taking the time to really listen again to what it is that I need to hear today.   Perhaps all it is, is rest, maybe something else will come up to do for myself, or an ah-ha moment.  But if there's more to it, I'll be quiet to hear.   All these things will help to revive and restore the whole me.  

Today is a self-care day, and I won't feel an ounce of guilt about it!

So what do you do for self-care?

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