Date: 14/08/2022
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It's Ok - You CAN Fire Your Doctor!

Your Fired!    If only it was that easy, right? 

Only in recent decades have doctors had the presumed power over patients, turning what was once reverence to one of fear today.   Fear of confrontation and questioning is quite common because no one wants to feel belittled during a health crisis, and sadly, that is often the result.  The overall tension of "I know best and certainly better than you" that is so heavily emitted from doctors today - whether intentional or not - often leaves patients cowering under their spell and continuing treatments and protocol that their soul is pleading with them to stop.

In my adventure, I have fired two oncologists, and I don't regret doing it either time.

The first "dragon doc" (as I called her) was an industry favorite placed high upon the cancer pedastal in the community.  She was a leader in research and renowned speaker.   She came highly recommended when i made it known I wanted to pursue integrative options due to her supposed advancements in progessive treatments.   What this translated to was that she was progressive in new chemotherapy options and carried a massive god complex.

In my two brief encounters with her, she offered doom and gloom should I decline the preventative chemotherapy that she was recommending.   She dismissed every tool and practice that I was already moving forward with, claiming that the most it would do would be to help me recover more quickly from the chemo treatments.  She offered absolutely ZERO positive words!  My patience ended when she claimed that my cancer would return without the preventative chemo and with that, she would not be able to help me, and that nobdy could.   My thought was, "you're not God".   BYE BYE!

My second oncologist was much more pleasant and followed the AMA regulated protocol that I was expecting.  After providing me with all the conventional options and his case for why I should be doing chemo an tamoxifen, he finished with offering his support for whatever I chose to do, and would be willing to track me every 6 months.   This was good for the time being, and I had him continue to track and test me for about 18 months, until I looked at what was really being tested.   The standard testing will only show when cancer returns, and does nothing to show whe my body is creating the envorintment for it to return (a fundamental concept in why cancer develops to begin with).  I realized why that feeling of not being protected to the best possible extent had been haunting me.

I found an MD who monitored my whole body and would measure not only for vitamin and mineral deficiencise, cell counts and other, but also antigen markers to show if my body was beginning to allow cancer to flourish.   The beautiful thing about cancer, sit that even with aggressive types, it is relatively slow growing.  If you can catch the changes within your body's environment, you can make the changes necesssary to keep the cancer from developing.    Upon finding the right doctor who could do this, I was able tl let go of my 2nd oncologist.

Today, I leave my doctor's office with confidence in my body's health!   If you have any understanding of mind and body connection, you get how powerful that confidence is.

This article reviews six reasons why one would want to consider firing their oncologist, and I encountered some of these with both oncologists.  The most obvious and common is #2 - when you find it uncomfortable to talk to your doctor.  If you are considering natural and other options outside of the standard treatments, you SHOULD be able to have great conversations with your doctor about this!  I am able to with my breast doctor/surgeon, which is why I continue to work with her among other reasons.

Be empowered!  Your body is your responsibility and no one elses, not even the greatest oncologist out there.  Be reminded that their words of "we have to" does not mean you have to.  You have a choice - you always do.   And ask yourself these questions:

1 - Do you believe your doctor is YOUR advocate (and not the industry's)
2 - Do you feel empowered when working with your doctor?
3 - Does your doctor support all of your methods for healing - whether in conjunction or in conflict with their recommendation?
4 - Are you getting sicker?  Or better?  (remember that just because the cancer might be diminishing, your body may not be getting better)
5 - Does your doctor talk to you about future treatments for long term?  Or are they focused on getting you healthy so that they never have to see you again?

Whether you are seeing a conventional oncologist or a nautropath, ask yourself these questions and you might be surprised not only at these answers, but other information that your body and the Holy Spirit decide to tell you. 

Doctors DO NOT EQUAL God!


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