Date: 03/04/2020
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Using the Gifts of the Magi

Gifts for a King.   Yet gifts for man throughout time.   The story we have all heard...the three wise men from the east who brought gifts of frankincense, myrrh and gold to Jesus.   How ignorant we have been for so many years now to not recognize that there is more to this than we realized.   There is power in those three gifts!   Power to heal and maintain wellness.  It was by no accident that it was these three elements that were brought to the Savior.  It was by no accident that this part of the Christmas story is noted so strongly in the Bible.   Whether you are a believer or not of the Christian faith, we still can not deny the power in nature.  To study in depth reveals so many wonderful connections, understandings and "ah-ha" moments.

Frankincense and gold (aka: tumeric) were part of my cancer protocol and continue to be a part of my regular health regimen.  Adding myrrh is something that only recently have I begun to do.  And this is all BEFORE I read this article!  There are many documentations and studies that explore these three elements and their healing power, both from a Biblical and scientific perspective.   But rather than send you to multiple places, you can discover the sum of it all with a nice, pretty bow on top as written here by Dr. Nuzum, a trusted source for natural medicine.

Dr. Nuzum and Epigenetics Labs developed a compound of these 3 simple items and he explains the history, the power and the protocol for using them.  And while he offers this blend through his own lab, you certainly can benefit from your own resources!   Currently I get my frankincense and myrrh from DoTerra, while getting my tumeric (Curcumin BP) from Natures Sunshine (see Healing Tools).   But if you are healing from cancer, or have a loved one who is, this would be a great, affordable way to start them on a natural protocol from a source that I have vetted (and believe me, there are plenty out there that I wouldn't recommend).

Healing is not just for the is for EVERYONE! 

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Living from Cancer
Nashville, TN