Date: 07/06/2023
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In the Beginning...

How it all began....

November 23rd, 2013 - Healing Touch #1 Post Diagnosis

There was a calm, wrapping around my feet.  Like warm velvet, full of strength and yet comforting, soft, a deep blue enveloped my heels while entwining through my toes.  Waves of softness and ease follows strength and stability.  My senses heightened by exhaustion of recent days, the swirling of this aura extends like the flowing tentacles of a jellyfish living peacefully, exploring the ocean depths.   A wave of peace expands throughout every cell of my body, while my mind opens the door for something...yet I don’t know what.  A twinge of excitement glimmers at the base of my spine for what is to come.  I am grounded in a world not of which I see.   

And then it appears.  The presence that protects and guides the human hands hovering closely.   It is without color, but not in anyway ominous, rather strong and assuring that this is where I am to be.   I give myself fully to this presence, surrendering to whatever is to be seen and felt.   With certainty, it is the presence of God that is being revealed in a rather vague, yet powerful reassurance.

Without moving my head, my vision is drawn to my left, and there He sits beside me.  He says nothing, and I can’t see the details of His face, but I know who He is.  Dressed in light, soft in expression, He is my healer.   The one whom the presence of God brought to me.   There is a smile, even though I can not see it with my own eyes, it is there.  A smile that notions for human hands to continue.  

My focus returns to where I am grounded in deep blue.  As the velvety flow continues to extend upward, slowly and deliberately, through every element of my being, the color lightens.  Warmth of orange swallows any residual tension held in my muscles and I continue to release, surrendering to what is taking place.  The colors continue to move more quickly, wrapping around my legs and lower body, evolving more into lighter and brighter hues.  With excitement, a joyous, celebratory dance begins. 

An escalating motion continues wrapping around my heart and brings these colors and light into the most beautiful sight beyond any sunset, landscape or moment in time.  This light became a mass of crystal-like colors, with sparkle and passionate explosions of warming energy like a prism expelling glorious life.  The colors...they are colors I have not ever seen with human eyes...colors that have no earthly descriptors...colors of eternal power beyond my comprehension.  It is beyond beautiful, beyond extraordinary, beyond what my small mind could ever fully embrace.   I am in awe as it dances not just around me, but through me, quickly yet so carefully executed as the presence above lovingly orchestrates every move.  I could feel it - this Spirit was healing me.   

In the midst of this beautifully miraculous moment, the presence above reaches down to me.  The hand of God lays directly on my heart.  A warm sensation fills my being and a wave of ultimate peace overcomes my soul. To feel our Heavenly Father physically contact my human body...there are no words to match the grace and power exuded in His presence.  Every part of me went to a place of exestencialism, a place that many might attempt to call Utopia.  But this was even more magnificent than the earthly descriptors of such perfect places.  As His had draws back, new life is breathed into me and I feel weight lifting from my physical being.

As the intensity of the Spirit’s dance began to build, so did my senses to an awakening of the Holy Trinity.  The presence of God above, the hand of Jesus to my side, and the Holy Spirit within...

all with ME...
healing ME...
in THAT moment.

The movement of the light and sparkle of the Spirit began to shudder with power as it continued to wrap around me.  It moved up around each side of me and paused briefly over my heart, only to quickly pierce like a dagger into my chest and explode out each side with such intense light and speed.  As it released it’s energy, a breath capturing pain seized my left breast and I wanted to cry out, but couldn’t.   Instead, hot tears swelled around my eyes as the pain intensified with every second of light continuing to flow out of me like a punctured water barrel.  It continued to pull from deep within me, clearing, cleansing, healing.  The pain - the physical giving way to emotional being drawn out with the severity of the fiercest of storms.

And suddenly again there was calm, wrapping around my feet.   The warmth of her hands released me from the pain...the light, the presence, and He - they were no longer visible in my mind’s eye.   But their power, grace and unexplainable veil of love remained more present, covering me in peace.  

It was done.   The healing had begun.

My eyes opened to the dimly lit room and a soft voice welcomed me back to my physical presence.  Emotion took over - joy, relief, humility...  

It was time to rest, time to go inward, time to listen.

Over the next days, this event that words can not come close to explaining the glory, beauty and power became my foundation for this journey.  It gave me joy, insight, excitement - God chose me to do something with through this experience.   It was the beginning of my journey of obedience, a journey of discovering God’s way of healing, a journey of developing new eyes to His miraculous creations.  With this new life I was given, there was also a command.  It was clear, very clear.  I was to share this...all of it...whatever was to happen.  God was giving me a clear opportunity to experience His power, and all I had to do was tell everyone.   

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Living from Cancer
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