Date: 06/02/2023
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The Paths of Lies Lead to Disease...

"No man chooses evil because it is evil:
                                         he only mistakes it for happiness"

This was the opening quote on one of my favorite shows, Grimm.  And yes, while I am one that seeks out influences full of peace, love, harmony, sound mind, etc... I do enjoy a bit of sci-fi mind-twisting in the mix.   Anyway, this quote immediately caught my attention for it rings true on so many levels!

First, we think of our current state of affairs...politically, socially, at home and around the office.  We've fallen deep into the lie that what feels good must also be good.  But I will give most people the credit of deep down, knowing that this really isn't where the truth lies.  When we chase the disquise of happiness, we are most often drawn down a path of choices that are self-serving, full of glutony and ultimately, deception.  Bottom line, we face the wolves in sheeps clothing daily, and in every aspect of our lives.

This same principal is the foundation of our health, and for the opposite - disease.   No one chooses to become sick (whether in heart, mind or body).   But we do chase the things that make us happy through the false promises of looking and feeling younger, being more efficient, more successful, recieving praises from family and friends for offering the right cocktails, gourmet style meals, and artificial decor to showcase impressive homes while our families crumble beneath.  We've been drawn to the convenience of fast, packaged food, microwave meals and low cost - high output options.  We are lured into quick money-making schemes and weight loss programs that promise "no additional workouts".  All with the promise to make our lives better somehow, and therefore, happier.

Yet what we have done is trap ourselves into a downward spiral that with time, gets only more difficult to crawl out of.  We are busier, less focused / more distracted, fatter, sicker and less relationally fulfilled more than any other time in the history of man.  For me, a cancer diagnosis presented opportunity to explore the lies that I was personally buying into - and at times continue to be deceived by even today.  I believe my biggest deceipt was in my work - or rather, my identity wrapped up in my work.   My second would be with beauty products that I thought were safe and healthy while offering me shiny (appearing to be) healthy hair and bright white teeth along with securing my body's physique. But with time comes wisdom.   With research comes knowledge.  And with confidence comes defiance to the popular.   With change, comes happiness in truth that lasts.

So, what popular lies have you fallen for that have ended only in pain and/or disease?

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Living from Cancer
Nashville, TN