Date: 06/02/2023
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Grounding in my Creator

Grounding in my Creator.

I was watching a youtube video last week with Jack Hibbs in a series titled "Happening Now" when a comment regarding views of environmental issues struck me deeply. As Jack and his guest speaker discussed our responsibility to care for the earth that God created and gifted to us, there is a stark line that is crossed when we go from following this command originally bestowed upon Adam and Eve and straying into false worship. When we place more importance on the creation itself instead of the Creator, we begin to worship the creation over the Creator Himself. Those who have crossed this line find themselves without trust that God's power is far beyond any damage that we can do as humans and thus they live in fear.

With my desire to bring the healing arts back to the church, back to where Jesus gifted them to His bride, I continue to seek truth in Biblical aspects of my practice in Healing Touch. So when I pondered on this idea of where my worship was, where my trust was, and where my focus often is, God revealed to me a conviction of where this false reliance has occurred.

It's been in my "grounding". 

Grounding is in fact a good thing and has proven to be physically and emotionally beneficial. But what I realized was that in my own grounding practices, I was focused more on the earth and nature. Whether this was in physical doing or mindful meditation, I often use actual or visuals of sand, water, grass, dirt, trees, plants, my garden to generate healing properties. Let me be clear that there is nothing wrong with this UNLESS it is without honoring my Creator first and foremost - and that is where I had fallen short.

The purpose of grounding is to become centered, mindful, open and aware of what is present. It is to soak in the elements and properties of HIM, and using HIS creation gifted to us in the manner He designed. So if I really want to achieve these things, then I must focus on this grounding to be from HIM with nature being only a tool. I've known this, but have allowed myself to fall out of practice in my sessions, even though prayer is involved.

Upon sitting with Him regarding this conviction, I wrote a grounding prayer to use prior to sessions and for any day to either start my day or recenter my spirit during a difficult day.

"Lord, I stand in your presence, my feet firmly in your hands, my face soaking in your radiance. May your power guide me, your Holy Spirit fill me, and your light shine through me. May the softness of your waters wrap gently around my feet, and the weight of your sand hold me steady in your glory. I am grounded in You, and You alone. Thank you for these gifts you have offered to us in this home you have created for us, and grant to me your wisdom of use. May my soul, body and mind be healed today in the name of Jesus. Amen."

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