Thursday, 9 June 2016
Finding the Puzzle Pieces

That was one of my first thoughts when I received my diagnosis.  And it was also the thoughts of each doctor I worked with.  So for those of you who know me well, and my independent stubbornness, you were not surprised when the unanswered questions weren't going to cut it for me.   I had a puzzle in front of me and I was determined to finish it!   Though I had no idea the spine was in play...

Immediately my healing adventure began by incorporating my own pursuit of answers, methodology and possible treatments.  The first layer consisted of many short term elements that helped my body to eliminate the cancer:  homeopathy, alkaline diet, and supplements among other items all aided in the elimination of my cancer.   Many of these are now part of my lifestyle to maintain good health.  But I still wanted to know "how".

Part of the holistic path in any disease recovery is the spiritual - mental - emotional side.  I was working heavily in this area to uncover the contributors to my cancer, but was still baffled by the physical side of things.  The biology.  My body, one that I had been working on taking very good care of.   My doctor had mentioned to me that the tumor appeared to be approximately six months old...and my first "ah-ha" moment occurred. 

Six months prior I had been working in Moore, OK in the recovery of a massive tornado.  We were working through a rubble pile that just a week prior had been someone's home.  Our task was to find a box of photo albums for the owner - it was all she wanted from her destroyed home.   As I worked through the wood and debris, my nose itched.  And for a brief second I lifted my mask to scratch, only to instantly regret it as I inhaled what we believed was fiberglass from the insulation.  Immediately I burned from the back of my throat down to my chest.  And I burned for 3 weeks!   At the time, I was not educated on the many things that I could have done to heal myself.  But I knew in that moment with my doctor, that is what triggered my tumor.

I say trigger and not cause for a reason.  In the short amount of research that I had started on, I had already learned that tumors develop when cancer cells (a common occurrence) are no longer able to self-destruct as a result of an interruption in the body's ability to self-heal (aka: our immune system).   So what prevented my body from flushing the high dosage of toxicity through my body, allowing it to sit in my chest, burn for three weeks, and ignite the loose cancer cells that happened to be routinely flowing through me?

It was another "ah-ha" moment!   Reading through the various areas of the body and one's environment that can contribute to cancer, I came across a resource explaining the role in spinal damage and the nervous system and their connection to cancer.   There was nothing concrete to tell me this was it, but it was a deep knowing, that this was my missing link in the biological puzzle.

Sure enough, a mild case of scolisis combined with subloxation in the neck = lots of minor issues that when combined, allow for catastrophe.  

So here's the breakdown:   The scoliosis hinders the output of glutathyon produced by the thymus.  Glutathione is one of the body's immunity hormones.    When the heavy dosage of toxicity went into my system, it sat in my chest where a healthy and strong amount of glutathione would have been able to put the body's immune system into action and flush it out and heal the body.   But my thymus couldn't work hard enough and fast enough to beat the toxic beast - because it was being limited by the spinal connection that happened to be disrupted by the damaging curves.   Add to it the subloxation in the neck also hinders brain signals to the body, so when the brain is working harder to send those danger, danger, danger signals and reactive responses to the rest of the body, it can't get all the signals through when subloxation is blocking that messaging path.

Skeptical?   When I talked to my breast doctor about this, her exact response was "Hmm, that's very interesting.  Most all of my patients have some level of scoliosis in that part of their back".

HELLO!!!!!!    Did she really just say that???   Yup, she did.

Ahhhh.... one more piece to the puzzle.   And now chiropractive correction and regular care is part of my lifestyle, and that of my family as well.

Posted on 06/09/2016 5:37 AM by Paula Swift
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