Monday, 6 February 2017
Let's Show Them!
Today I hear of, yet again, another passing...this time, a classmate of mine from high school. Though I haven't seen her since, she was always a shining light to those around her, and you could have only blessed memories of her. She always made us laugh as we cheered together along the sidelines for our football and basketball teams.
I learned of her passing this morning, as I learned also of her 2+ year journey with colon cancer. As I glanced through her FB photos, amidst the plentiful and heartwarming images of her and her two young childeren, there were signs of chemo treatments in addition to a time of remission and that this was at minimum the 2nd round of attack on her body. 
I don't know her full story, her choices in healing and care, or her views on healthcare options. I don't know what options she was presented with and what conditions might have existed to pursue the options she did.  But what I can see was attempts in modern medicine and now she is no longer with us.
For a brief moment, I'm tempted to ask, why am I still here - healthy and strong - while others are not? Others who have young families, so much love and life to share. Quickly comes the reminder of why I am doing what I am doing...sharing, aiding in education, offering support and referrals and anything I can do to help others find whole healing through their cancer.
As resources and information continue to grow with Living From Cancer, I ask for your help in spreading the information to those you love and know who are either now, or someday facing this condition. People can and do live from cancer...they live long, healthy and full lives. So what are they doing that others are not?
Let's show them.
Let's show them that they, too, can heal.
Let's show them that they can learn and become even better.
Let's show them that they can have a fuller life.
Let's show them how to listen to what their cancer is teaching them.
Let's show them how they can Live From Cancer!
I don't want to lose another you?
Posted on 02/06/2017 4:00 PM by Paula Swift
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