Monday, 23 October 2017
Taking on the World with a Heavy Heart

It CAN be released...

We've all been experiencing this "shift" lately.  For most, the recent events of our country and world - both in nature and by the hands of humans - have deeply disturbed even the most grounded.  Even my cranial sacral therapist sensed my own disturbance during my appointment with her just a few weeks ago.  Many wear their hearts on their sleeves for their entire reach to know and (hopefully) sympathize with their heartache, while others press on, determined to do their part of maintaining sanity and normalcy.   There's no right or wrong way to handle these times, it's a very individual choice and frankly, all aspects are needed and can showcase our individual and unique gifts.

In the past weeks, I've been working on some small updates to our home and last week was painting.  I'd been mentally processing all these recent events as I followed closely the fires in Northern California as they threatened my home state and areas hosting great childhood memories for me.  I began to sense the weight bearing down on my spirit and Friday evening came the collision of mind and body.  As I continued to work on my home projects in a very well ventilated area, the fumes took advantage of my weakened spirit and found their resting spot in my upper chest (high heart chakra).   The last time I felt this pressure was for the weeks following my inhilation of fiberglass when doing the tornado relief work in Moore, Oklahoma - the event that physically triggered my cancer tumor.   So, as you can imagine, this caught my attention!

I awoke the next morning and began physical, spiritual and emotional toxin release work.  Drinking apple cider vinegar, including organic blueberries and activated charcoal to my blends, and yoga worked towards addressing the physical, while self-healing touch began to unfold the spiritual side.  As I continued on with the weekend, outside events plagued this process and by Sunday night, I knew there were some things (once again) in my life that I needed to let go of.  I also knew that I needed more help from the outside. 

So this morning, I was blessed by a friend and fellow practitioner for some remote energy work.  Immediately I could feel a wave of energy washing over me and throughout the time, I experienced release of fear, anger and sadness.  Tears released the weight while further clarification of God, self-awareness, my true self and where my heart resides unfolded.  Another onion layer revealed.  This is why I love healing helps for me to tap into what God is trying to tell me and allows for me to revel in His magnificence with peace!

There's still work to do.  The weight in my upper chest is still lingering - however it has greatly subsided.  I long for purity which will continue to drive my decisions for anything and anyone I come into contact with.   This is how I lived for well over a year after my diagnosis, and frankly, how we should be living daily - FULLY AWARE.  But life can smother or fog this, so when the signs start to get a little stronger, it's now a warning.  Take action...

It CAN be released!!

Posted on 10/23/2017 5:00 AM by Paula Swift
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