Wednesday, 6 June 2018
FInally in mainstream media... yes, surgery CAN assist in the spread of cancer...

Well, DUH.

Ok, "duh" to anyone who has researched the real fundamentals of cancer development, spread and prevention,  However, I was NOT one of those informed until after I had my mastectomy, so there's that.  But little did I know that the changes I did make prior to that surgery made a huge difference in my recovery and most likely to my chances of recurrence.  Since I had begun to uncover this and other information regarding the cancer spread risks of surgeries through additional publications and resources before my reconstruction, I high-tailed it into gear to prevent the primary culprit:


Not only is inflammation reduction/elimination key in recovering from the surgery portion, it's essential in prevention as well.  By the time I had my second (and last) surgery, my efforts of taking daily curcumin, ginger and eating clean and lean were obvious to my entire medical team - who were astonished by my recovery time in addition to the reconnection of vital nerves and blood lines (that don't normally reconnect every).

Read the full story here.  And let me add another thought for us to ponder... while this article focuses on surgery, doesn't it also make sense with chemotherapy and radiation?  After all, those treatments are attacking the body with such force that what little immune system (if any) left in tact is exhausted just keeping up with everything...hence, the major common and advanced illness side effects.

Start asking these questions!  You just might start to unravel your own truth about your own body and cancer.  Oh, and by the way, this information is clearly an issue with any and all cancers, not just breast.

Posted on 06/06/2018 5:49 AM by Paula Swift
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