Thursday, 26 July 2018
Energy of a Birth Name...

It only took me nearly 46 years to figure this out...

That my name, "Paula", has a cool twist of life path outcome for me. 

Growing up, I've always been fascinated to learn when people are given names after a family member, an event the parents encountered, or a special meaning or intention for the child to be born.  Recent years of studying energy have revealed to me that while the naming stories might be pretty simple, there is so much more to how and why a person is given their name.

While there are several versions of the meaning of "Paula", the one common theme throughout the cultures is "little".  When I first learned this growing up, it really left me a bit confused.  By no measure am I in any way "little".  I'm nearly 5'9" tall and my weight varies 140-150lbs. Similarly, my personality has always been large - maybe not loud, but large for sure.  I'm bold, pretty fearless and direct (sometimes to a fault). I've never stood behind others, but rather have mostly stood alone know God is always with me.  But I was not named for the meaning, I was named after a family member on my dad's side, Paul. So there you have it, a simple story of naming.

But as God breathes life into each of us, gifting us our soul and our unique selves, He gives us our names through the parents we are given to.  Each name has energy, frequencies, and are spoken with energy from the ones who bring us into this world.  Our names are never a mistake.  Our names are whispered into the ears of our parents, placed deeply within their hearts - whether they realize this or not.  They may come upon our names with practicality, but it's never without purpose and intent.

Recently, as I have been doing more Biblical study on healing, I came to a fairly cool and startling realization.  My heart has been strongly seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit and the scriptures to provide energy healing in the truest, most divine representation.  Upon study, I have come across the disciples of Christ who followed His teachings and continued His works by offering healing to people after Christ's ascencion to Heaven.  A disciple who is known for his continued faithful work?.....

The Apostle Paul

I find this no coincidence, people!  None at all.  When it finally hit me, it was such a cool feeling - one that brought me great joy and seemingly put the seal of approval stamp on my heart for pursuing the path that God has laid for me.  Paul suffered greatly.  Paul endured ridicule and isolation.  Paul might have been little in stature (we don't know), but was large on faith.  My personal connection to Paul suddenly became very real, an example of how I can follow Christ in working with others to receive whole healing.

Talk about discovering my purpose... confirmed!

Posted on 07/26/2018 11:00 AM by Paula Swift
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