Tuesday, 11 June 2019
Everchanging Truths

"Scientists say..."
"Studies show..."
"My Doctor told me..."

What the BLEEP do we know?!

We have all been duped into believing what we are told by the proclaimed experts in areas related to our health. And to be fair, we've been told many truths along the way. But as science becomes an increasing centerfold of conflicting evidence muddled by claims and theories declared with undermining wealth accumulations, we are left stranded to fend for ourselves in discovering the truths in health and wellness.

We debate on diets, causes of illness & death, what to eat vs. what to avoid, harmful toxins, vaccines, medications, what cures some ailments while ignoring cures for systematic diseases, etc. I have now studied various aspects of disease and wellness with particular focus and interest on cancer for five years, with additional studies in quantum physics for four years.  And my conclusion with all the conflicting information available out there? 

Science - by human research - is everchanging and never finalized.
Everchanging based on views, perception, belief - especially in regards to the existence of God and how we have been created, experience and the information provided to us with the claims of truth.  While there are many examples of such (and even the examples can be equally controversial), the most obvious deception of science can be seen in the decades during which our prominent government health agencies deemed tobacco as safe. More recently we've been told of many pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines to be safe and effective, only to have them removed after too many deaths followed. For years we have been told that eggs are bad for our colesterol and now they are said to be helpful in maintaining healthy levels when consumed in moderation. It is these agencies that dictate what is good for us and what is not - on ALL levels.

So how do we go about finding the truth? We can review every published white paper, read every package insert softening the harsh realities with the promise of better health, take classes. study nutrition, become certified and even go to medical school. We can also study every natural wellness approach and modality to uncover the body's powers without the outside influence of synthetic applications. But with every form, every piece of literature, every textbook and every claim - there is controversy and there is risk. How each of us is created is so unique that we require care equally unique. While one medicine or herb can provide miraculous results for one individual, it can create additional pain for another. Even in energy-based healing practices, there is concern and consideration of one's spirit and the preservation and safety when working with the unseen, not to mention the simple question many still raise regarding the realities and efficacy of relation with mind and body.

But there is hope in all of this chaos. There is only one truth that I have found in all of my studies and self-healing thus far. It reaches beneath the unseen and it is an absolute for every living person. It can be mocked and suppressed by many in the name of science, but the reality is that it comes from the origins of science itself.

Whether you are struggling with acute or systematic illness, injuries, emotional and/or mental turmoil, it all comes back to our Creator. While this may provide hope once understood, it can also be overwhelming until one reaches the level of listening to their body's messages. Just as we must learn to discern the voice of God - our Creator, so we must learn to listen to our bodies, which is a communication conduit of the Holy Spirit. If 99% of an atom is still "space" as noted by scientists, then what truly occupies that space?  It is the energy of the Holy Spirit that God breathed into our souls when we are created. He created us. He - and only He - has the answers we seek.

So when it comes to all of the conflicting information out there, it is easy to get frustrated in making decisions and knowing where to go and what to do. We face criticism and judgement from the scientific stream of sheep if we declare our own path to be anything different from current agency trends. But honoring your body is to honor God.  If you are not a spiritual individual or believer, I know this can be difficult to grasp. If you are a believer, then my hope is that this provides you with encouragement to lean into your prayer time, lean into the scriptures to understand how people were healed by Jesus and by God before him, and lean into the voice of the Holy Spirit for what is right for your physical and spiritual well-being.

"Where do I start?" 
Learning how to pray is a beautiful journey in healing. By thanking God for your body and the tools He has given, we can ask that He reveal those tools He desires for us uniquely. We can ask that He provide discernment with our own doctors, friends and family offering guidance. But most importantly, we ask for discernment of our own and that we may be able to hear His voice and feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit when facing decisions on caring for our physical temples.

This opens up the door for so much more... but I simply want to leave you with this initial question in mind:  Do you really want to trust the agencies who continue to change their minds based on the regular unfolding of new scientific evidence and monetary opportunities?

Posted on 06/11/2019 5:17 AM by Paula Swift
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