Monday, 17 June 2019
The Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Controversies Continue...

In follow up to my most recent post regarding the controversies in healthcare and wellness, I found this article discussing the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with support of the WHO to be quite interesting.  While it offers hope that traditional methods of healing may finally become more readily available and accessible on an international level, it also presents the typical criticisms of the defunct western medical model.

The primary criticism is that which TCM can be harmful and is not able to be proven through standardized testing processes.  Have we not learned that people are unique and individual to the point that we should never be cast into the masses for treatment options and considerations?  Of course these will be weak testing, because the treatments are unique to the patient and therefore the large numbers that western science has become accustomed to simply will not exist. There is a need to require physical proof in testing, when western scientists seem to forget their own findings that 99% of the atom is still space!

There also seems to be a convenient brushover on some studies that have been able to show high evidence of success.  The example of artemisinis being a proven effective agent in curing malaria really caught my attention. When I traveled to Cambodia in 2015, I discovered a blend with this herb that suggested this very outcome and so I not only carried it with me during my travel, but consumed a small amount to aid in preventing after self-testing (my own version of vaccine). 

Then there is the argument of danger.  Seriously??  Have you seen the number of pharmaceutical related deaths each year? Check out Pharma Death Clock to give you an idea, and then you can follow up with multiple additional resources provided. Adverse reactions to TCM pale in comparison to OTCs, vaccines and perscribed drugs. To suggest TCM dangers as an issue by those who administer poison is the height of hypocracy.

To reinforce the message of my prior post, each person needs to take their own journey.  There is a time and place for western medicine, and while TCM is certainly a viable (and safer) option to explore, each must take their own path to finding the right route for their unique healing.


Posted on 06/17/2019 5:25 AM by Paula Swift
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