Wednesday, 28 October 2020
Farmacy Essentials

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." ― Hippocrates

Food comes in various forms, including concentrated nutrtion suppemented where we fall short of our dining options. I have been asked many times what essentials we keep in our home "farmacy" for both daily support and items to have handy when illness sneaks in. Honestly, I have struggled to put this post together because in many ways, these items vary from day to day, week to week, and season to season.  Additionally, what works for myself and my family, may not work for others. So please understand that this is solely for informational purposes only and is not designed in any way to perscribe. As with all else, do consult your doctor or other wellness practitioners to ensure there is no conflict for your specific needs, medications, etc.

Support for Maintaining Overall Health
Vitamin D - Simply because our modern lifestyle depletes us of this immune boosting vitamin
Curcumin - Keep inflammation to a minimum caused by daily environmental toxins and stressors
Chlorophyl - Assists in balancing PH levels and general gut health
Zinc - Helps support immunity to fight off bacterial and viral infections
Iodine - A mineral deficiency related to many cancers

NOTE: Regular supplementing changes because our bodies are continuously changing and adapting to the environment around us, the seasons, and our emotional/spiritual state of being. Learning to listen to your body on a daily basis will allow for you to understand what you need and when you need it.

Support for Added Boost When Immune System is Compromised
Zinc (higher dose)
Colloidal Silver
Vitamin C
Echinacea and/or GoldenSeal
- many take probiotics daily

Support for Symptomatic Illness
Vitamin C
Black Garlic
- for viral infections
Black Seed Oil - for viral infections
Colloidal Silver - for viral and/or bacterial infections (especially helpful in preventing bacterial infection development as a result of a viral infection)
Black Walnut - digestion issues
Aloe Vera Juice (cold pressed leaf meat juice) - acid reflux, digestion and conditions that strain organs
Eucalyptus Oil (topically) - for relieving congestion
Lemon-Lavender-Peppermint Oil Blend - for relieving allergy symptoms
Frankincense (diffuse or topical use)

Support for Injuries
Arnica (topical gel and/or internal homeopathic pellets) - for pain, bruising, swelling
Colloidal Silver (gel or spray) - for cleaning / anisceptic
Peppermint oil (topical use) - for pain
Frankincense (diffuse or topical use)

With a lot of research in herbs and homeopathy, our farmacy consists of quite a bit more, offering us many options to reach for when needed. The following are a few product lines that I have researched and personally trust in quality and sourcing for the above items:
Nature's Sunshine
Seaking Health
DoTerra or Young Living

Lastly, remember that nutrition in the original form (from fresh, whole foods, sunlight, earth, etc...) is the best option!  Use supplements and support as needed.  Working with a holistic nutritionist, an ND or a functional medicine doctor can help in understanding and creating your at-home farmacy. As for recommendations from those you trust in your area.

Posted on 10/28/2020 5:06 AM by Paula Swift
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