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Cancer & Nutrition...The Connection is REAL

Healing Essential: Nutrition
When discussing cancer, it's a topic that brings quite an array of views, onions and responses.  And that's just with the MD's!

Yup, there are the educated oncologists out there who strongly recommend strict, healthy diets to help patients in their healing, while others simply have no clue and encourage their patients to eat whatever they feel like - especially when on chemotherapy treatments.   And then there are those who support their patients in choosing a healthier diet, but will then offer cookies and milkshakes to patients in their office, breaking Rule #1 in nutrition for any cancer patient... 

ELIMINATE THE SUGAR!   This is not limited to processed, white sugar, but includes all food - processed and natural with any level of sugar (honey, fruit, etc..).  Only berries and granny smith apples have a low enough glycemic level to be considered.

While many doctors will suggest that sugar doesn't cause cancer (still debatable), they can't deny the evidence that clearly shows cancer feeds on sugar.  Among many tests, the most obvious are the PET scans used to detect cancer activity prior to treatments.  During this test, a radioactive glucose is injected into the body.  Then when the cancer begins to awake and feed on the sugar, they light up to showcase their location.  So why in the sane mind of any intelligent person would we allow a cancer patient who is desperately working to eliminate cancer the very food shown to activate and feed the cancer?   

To answer that is another post...So let's get back to general nutrition.

WHY focus on nutrition?  Simple answer.   To provide the body with the proper amount of nutrients that will allow for maximum function of the systems with the ultimate goal to have an increased immune system.  While there are probably many explanations that can be offered to explain why, there are two that seem to be consistent in all of my research.

For starters, the cancer develops in part as a result of an immune system that is unable to properly eliminate toxins that then override cell function and the ability to self-destruct abnormal cells.  Boosting the immune system can help to reverse this process, on so many levels and with so many biological details that can also be saved for future post.  But for now, understand that this is how and why you will hear of those "miraculous" healings where the rare individual cures themselves of cancer (or other threatening illness) simply by changing their diet.

Second, if someone with cancer is taking conventional treatment, their body is under attack way beyond the cancer itself.  For the same reasons I mentioned above, boosting the immune system can help a person recover more quickly, suffer less side-effects, and reduce permanent damage from these treatments.

Nutrition is just one of the tools that is absolutely critical for healing and further wellness.  Improving one's immune system with nutrition helps to heal and maintain the body, but don't be fooled into thinking that it's all you need to's just one part, but one that EVERYONE can easily start with.  There are some great resources for understanding a proper diet for maximum function.   While you certainly can utilize the resources to help guide you in this area, please be sure to let your physician(s) know what you are doing.

Look for more posts on nutrition coming soon.

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