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Why Killing Cancer Isn't Enough

Cancer Killers.   It is one of my favorite books when it comes to the basic essentials of understanding cancer, how to rid the body of it and help to prevent it.   The approach in this book along with other holistic healings is not only to rid the cancer, but prevent it's return.  And frankly, that is the biggest difference between conventional treatments and holistic approaches.

When one chooses surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation, they are choosing options that will hopefully remove any cancer from the body.  Of course, we all know that there are high risks with all three and that especially with chemo and radiation, damage is done to other areas and systems in the body.  

When a patient receives the "cancer free" verdict from the medical team after having completed any treatment, conventional or natural/holistic, they enter a very vulnerable and critical time.  Imminent danger is supposedly gone, and the temptation to relax and feel that everything is okay (for now) can easily creep in and overshadow any teachings that the body has been working to inform the patient about.  At this point, the patient truly has two options to choose from:

ONE  Resume life as before.  But is it really?  It's more about resuming the same ol' lifestyle and habits.  I get it - those are what's comfortable!  It's what feels "normal", something that every cancer patient craves.  But with the periodic testing, screening, continued preventative treatments and trust that the system is taking care of them, this is their new normal.   To me, this is shifting the responsibility from the patient to the medical system - a system that continues to fail, over and over and over. 

There is a false sense of security with this approach.  Why?  Because these screenings and tests only detect when cancer has already started to return, rather than the conditions that might allow the cancer to return.  Or they are receiving ongoing preventative treatment that really isn't doing anything.   More and more people today are receiving "preventative" chemo and raditaion on top of surgery, which when you really begin to understand the basics and logic of cancer cells, you realize how irresponsible this is for the medical community who's first and foremost role is to "do no harm".  That hypocratic oath is broken every time a treatment is prescribed to a patient, knowing that there will be future damage as a result and active cancer is not present.  But I digress...

TWO  Resume life with life change.  This is when the patient begins take responsibility for their own health, their own body, their own life.  It's not an easy road to start, but it certainly makes life easier for years down the road.  They seek information on how to better care for themselves.  They do their own research.  They rest.  They listen to their body.  They begin to ask their body the questions necessary for real healing.

So why isn't killing the cancer enough?  The answer really is pretty simple:

If you don't take the time and effort to understand WHY and HOW you, your body, you as a unique individual, developed cancer, the likelihood of a return is quite strong.  I'm not trying to be a pessemist, but honest here.  Think of the times when you or others develop illness from an infection, and that infection keeps returning despite the attempts of multiple antiboitics (STREP is a common one).  There is a REASON for this.  Despite what your doctors will tell you, you CAN discover the answers of why and how.  You CAN take steps necessary to not only do your part in preventing the return of cancer, but keep you healthier and stronger than you ever thought possible.

While the contributors and elements of cancer might be quite complex, they are not complicated. 
Rather they are pretty logical when you begin to connect the dots and apply the various theories to your own life.  This approach is what ignited my curiosity, awe and excitement for exploring myself and the environments of others that allows for cancer to develop.   And that's really what it is - your own environment.  The culture that your body lives in, in conjunction with your heart and mind creates an environment of its own that will either defend disease or host disease. 

This is where the responsibiity kicks is up to you to explore and discover yourself in this manner.  The medical community is no equipped to help you with this and you will receive a wide range of responses in your pursuant of such information.  But what harm can it do?  NONE.   But it certainly will help!   Imagine having an "ah-ha" moment when you come across some research that you can say "yup, that's me!".   And not only having the awareness of what it is, but then finding resources to help you reverse, adjust or mend that area of your life.  Think of the peace in knowing what is really going on in your body, and the awe in recognizing your own attunement with yourself as you being to be more aware of the little warning signs that you previously were clueless about.

Without this understanding, patients will live with fear, doubt, and victimization for the rest of their lives, always looking over their shoulder for the recurrance.  If you've ever suffered from an act of crime or lived through a devastating natural disaster, you know what it's like to always have that in the back of your mind.   Will that dark mass in the sky become a tornado?  Was that tremble an earthquake?   Am I safe to fall asleep in my home?  You are haunted, as with so many who simply survive cancer.

Do you want to simply survive?   Do you want to be tied to and vulnerable to a medical system that will continue to insert themselves into your daily life?   Do you want to live in fear?   If you have ever read the book or watched the TV movie, "Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy", you know that this is exactly how the author walks away from her experience.   It is also exactly why I would never recommend this book to a breast cancer patient - funny as the auther may be! 

This mindset and understanding of taking responsibility of your own health and life the is the catalyst to beginning your own healing adventure, and essential to truly live from cancer. 

Look for one of my discoveries on why and how my body developed cancer next...

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Living from Cancer
Nashville, TN