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Food Nightmare Fundamentals

Food Nighmares.   If you aren't convinced that your processed food is a culprit in your cancer or other chronic illness, perhaps the mere disgust of what is used will be enough to keep you from continuing to consume such products.  Everything from feces to mechanically separated meat (everything BUT the actual meat - often found in canned meat products and pet food), in addition to a seeming multitude of ingredients showing carcinogenic affects on animals, have been used to supposedly enhance the processing of food.  Ummm. ICK!!!

Check out this one of the many articles out there highlighting food ingredients that will gross you out, all hidden with fancy names that most won't take the time to investigate.

You might be thinking that you are safe as you are already pretty alert in this field.  You don't eat Vienna Sausages or frozen pre-packaged meals.  Okay, yes you are on the right track.  But it does not mean that you are in the clear.  This is where it gets important to know what ALL terminology is when it comes to label reading.  Want to know what "natural flavoring" really is??  You need to.  Otherwise, how else will you know you might be consuming anal gland juice?!   NO JOKE!

So what was I regularly consuming before cancer that I thought was ok?    One example is products with caramel color - found in whiskey, soy sauce, breads, Zataran's jambalaya mix (an occasional favorite in our home) and a few other items discovered in our pantry (yes, like my hubby's vice - Dr Pepper).   Doesn't seem harmful, right?   It's in so many things we consume.  Yet caramel coloring - depending on the type (there are 4) - can have a variety of reactions, and it was found to be a carcinogen in animal testing.  Check out one of my favorite resources for more on caramel color and other food ingredients!

The good news is that there are still so many options on eating well, healthy and quickly without being boring.  Here is a wonderful site, among many, to help get you started on healthy recipes.

The bottom line in first steps of eating healthy & wise is this food nightmare fundamental: 

avoid processed foods!!

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Living from Cancer
Nashville, TN