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It's Been a While...

As is the nature of building a new career while phasing out another, the consistency of both will suffer during the transition.   So it's been a while since I've been able to post anything.  That being said, I thought I would share a few personal things with you to re-launch a new inundation of posts that have been burrowing in my mind for the past weeks.

The last couple of months have been quite the whirlwind of activity, both personally and professionally.  There has been a large learning curve with lots of excitement and affirmation of my newfound direction, and my confidence and excitement are stronger than ever!

Since developing this site and beginning to really dive into areas of wellness/cancer consulting and healing touch, the accelerating upward spiral began.  As a board member of Freedom's Promise (an organization supporting the prevention of human trafficking in Cambodia), I was called to serve on a medical missions trip this past September and offer healing touch services to the people the group was to minister.  This quickly catapulted me into a fast-track of my training in healing touch, completing levels 3 and 4 in August prior to the trip.  With level 4 complete, all of the educational training was complete, and the practical element of the certification process could begin, allowing me to practice while under the mentorship of others. 
More on healing touch here.

September arrived and I was off to Cambodia for this medical missions, a trip for which I was the only non-allopathic practitioner.  It was a fascinating experience on so many levels!   From the geniune beauty of the Cambodian culture, to the miracles I was honored to witness and be a part of, God moved my heart and filled me with His spirit with every moment. 

The message I want to relay today is the testimony of the abilities of our own body.  For this trip, it was recommended to have up to 5 vaccines in addition to taking malaria medication before, during and following the trip.  As someone who is now anti-vaccine (at least the way they are today) and takes man-made medicine only in the event of an emergency, this recommendation did not sit well with me.  I had learned to much and worked too hard on my health since my cancer recovery to taint my current state of health with such toxins.

So what did I do?  Well, what I've been doing for the past three years now...RESEARCH.   I checked out all of the potential disease hazards for the areas we were to visit and looked at how the disease is developed and what areas of the body need the extra support.  Then, of course, researched the optimum supports for these potential hazards.  What I was able to come up with by this research and the support of my surrounding health team was a protocol for before, during and after this trip.  I had quite the arsenal of items to boost my immune system, support digestion when contact with a parasite occurred (which is not an "if" but "when"), and plenty of items to resolve a variety of health concerns.

The result?   I had zero headaches, stomach aches or other ailments.  I did get a parasite that was quickly eliminated and had no real disruption to my function, ability, energy and overall feeling.   I was able to adapt to the time changes both going and coming, and slept more than anyone else throughout the week.   My energy remained high, even when physically tired from long days, and my re-entry home was full of joy and excitement while I rested well.   Unfortunately, the rest of the team could not say all of this.   Many suffered only minimal, while others had real trouble in how they felt somewhere along the way - many having side effects from medications.

So what can we make of this?   Well, I will admit that I was very nervous about going along with only all natural protocols...but I endured trust in the process and God's guiding of my heart.  And the moral of this story is that when we do what we are supposed to do with our bodies, doing our best to ensure we are caring for them the way we were created and intended, our bodies really can endure a lot and keep us healthy!

I hope that you find this somewhat encouraging if you are on a natural path towards your health and recovery process.  I know it's been a while, but I still here and wanting to help support you in any way possible!

Cheers to your wellness and recovery!!!

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