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It's Mosquito Season...Now What?

Mosquitos & DEET go hand in hand, right?   NOPE!

It's that time of year where the emergence of bugs begin from their winter hibernations.  And after a mild winter, they will emerger earlier and hungrier than we'd prefer to see.  In addition to medicines, beauty and cleaning products, there ARE alternatives to the harmful chemicals promising to keep these narly little pests at bay!   After all, why do we want to trade one potentially harmful bite for a fistfull of guaranteed poison?  It just doesn't make sense??

In recent years, my family has played around with different essential oils to both repel mosquitos and other insects, and to offer relief and cleansing those bites when we are attacked.   While there are some different blends offered out there, here is the essential 411 on what you need to know with the two most critical and basic elements needed for any blend.   Add to another blend some peppermint and melaleuca for soothing and cleansing.  There are lots of options so check with your personal essential oils guru - or visit Whole Foods (or similar) - for some further guidance.


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