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Cancer Mindset - Part 2 - Viewing Cancer

Too Much Toxicity + Low Immunity = Disease...

It really IS that simple!
And this is not a theory that applies to the common cold or current virus of the day, but to long term disease as well.  At some point in time, a diseased person's body was loaded with a toxin (or multiple toxins) at the same time the immune system was compromised.   The body then was no longer able to expel the toxicity, thus allowing it to take over and attack whatever area in the body is compromised.   This is why in studies we see common factors in every disease out there.  

That's it.  
Don't you feel a bit better just knowing this?   I sure did!   Just having this fundamental understanding empowered me with the confidence to do my part for full healing.  My fear was reduced, therefore my stress was reduced, and my body grew stronger and was able to benefit immediately from the therapies and treatments.

Where it gets complicated is answering the questions:
1 - What toxicity?
2 - Why was my immune system compromised?

Your ability to answer these two simple questions will unlock your unique healing adventure with the secrets to your individual cure.  This is where the work comes in that you must do, and is where your doctor's work ends.  They will not be able to answer these questions for you as they do not know your daily habits, your heartaches, your food sources, your community, your home and work environments, and all of your self-care methods (or lack thereof).

Simplify Your View...Clear The Clutter
Vision Your Clear Path to Healing!

This is why we are here...this is why YOU are reading this!
While conventional options might be necessary and opted for, you are here because you are sensing that there is more to healing then what you are getting from your doctors.  We are here because we want to help offer resources to get you going on answering the questions above, to finding community that can help support you at whatever stage you are working through.

Are you ready to do your part?

source:  Cancer Killers

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Living from Cancer
Nashville, TN