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Cannabis... myth or real possibility?


I did not included cannabis as part of my cancer protocol, but I certainly would have if I had the access and information that I have in hand today. However, I do have CBD in my nature's medicine cabinet and I'm continuing to research the plant for my own knowledge. While it's the big buzz in natural cancer care, I hear a lot of misconceptions about this miracle plant. If you have a chance, watch the Sacred Plant docu-series for a better understanding of the science (which is absolutely fascinating) and realities of where we are in utilizing cannabis for not only cancer care, but for many chronic conditions.

While there is so much to learn and understand, here are a few highlights that I believe are important to understand:

1 There are many compounds in hemp that have the potential for healing, but it's CBD and THC that research funding has focused on.  Legalizing the plant for medicinal use once again will allow for more funding of research of these and the other compounds to explore even more healing support opportunities.

2 CBD does not reduce tumors, only THC can.  However, CBD is highly beneficial and essential for complimenting the healing processes of THC.

3 CBD is found available in many (perhaps most) states now.  However, THC is not as this is the compound that creates the "high" side effects and is illegal for distribution.

Currently, there are only 3 states that offer medicinal cannabis dispensaries that include THC and the only way to access it is to physically go to them in person, spend weeks with the dispensary for trial and testing of the proper ratios for CBD and THC levels (specific to each person and their condition), and then drive the product over state lines back home (this is still illegal, however).  If you attempt to fly with it, you run the risk of discovery and possibly arrest.

5 MOST IMPORTANT:  This is my own note here.  Too many people are looking for the ONE cure, the ONE pill, the ONE thing that will fix them and their cancer.  Cannabis is just like Essiac Tea, Vitamin D and Vitamin C supplements and therapies, celery juice, iodine, curcumin and the many other items from nature that have helped reduce and/or eliminate cancerous tumors and cells. These items DO NOT stand on their own. In order for it to work to its full potential, the patient must do the work for healing their whole body. Without proper diet and nutrition, energy balancing, lifestyle changes, spinal care, emotional and mental healing, these other natural componenents will only take the body so far.  It is through these multiple facets that the person experiences WHOLE healing, and therefore, can be cured of their physical disease.  Ultimately, we must do the daily work - which eventually becomes our way of life instead of work - to maintain a healthy immune system so that the body can fully respond to these added elements for eliminating our disease.

While many are still very skeptical of the potential of cannabis, we must remember that it was used for centuries prior to our current medical model.  Proper research and use today is part of returning to experiencing what nature is offering us.  If you are not currently exploring cannabis as part of your healing regime, I would encourage you to do so, if for no other reason than to simply understand its history, science and capabilities.  And if you can, getting some CBD oil for your nature's medicine cabinet is one way to safely (and legally) explore the plant's healing power. One word of warning... it tastes aweful.  But a small price to pay.

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Living from Cancer
Nashville, TN