Wednesday, 30 May 2018
A Cure is Temporary, Healing is Forever... Reflecting on 4 Years

Healing is Forever...

The counting of months and years as "cancer free" have fallen flat for me this year.  In fact, days go by where I don't really pay much attention, and when I was asked recently how long it had been since my cancer adventure began, I had to think about it.  But this month of May, 2018, I am four years cancer free.

A couple of notes to make about this milestone.  First of all, my timing of cancer free is different than what is recorded in the medical system.  They have me listed clear as of my surgery in December of 2013, even though they made attempts to retract that statement upon pushing me to do chemotherapy treatments.  They had suspicions that my body still hosted floating cancer cells.  Funny thing is, I agreed!  But my mode of eliminating those residual pesky little abnormal cells was quite different from what they wanted, so therefore, the departure towards my own adventure began.  It was 5 months later that I knew innately that there was no more cancer... that deep knowing and peace is something that I will never forget - like a bit long cleansing exhale...

Secondly, the medical system deems patients as "cured" when the cancer hasn't returned in five years.  So according to them, I will be "cured" this coming December.  What's interesting to me is the consideration of all the focus around cancer care to be "curing" the cancer.  Whether it's an individual, or seeking to find "the cure" for cancer.  It's where the money goes, the research, and the focus of patients.  But in the past 4+ years, I have discovered a real hiccup in this focus and ambition.

Without healing, being cured is simply moot.

So what's the difference?  Curing is all about elmination of the physical disease from the physical body with no evidence or anticipation of recurrence.  Healing is about the whole person beyond the physical disease. It targets the phyiscal and non-physical parts of the whole person that are involved in setting the body up for disease.  When one is healed, their emotional, mental and spiritual state have experienced release of pain and spiritual battling. It's releasing the physical, emotional, spiritual damage, or toxins, that have controlled us and our physical being. The person has reversed the environmental impacts that host and feed disease.  They create a new biological setting that promotes regrowth of healthy cells.  Without full healing, cancer and other disease WILL return.  By the way, to find the physical "cure", then understanding that one's causes ARE the cure is a fundamental... check out Cancer Killers to learn more on this.

But sometimes, it is too late for curing, even though a person might experience healing.  For most, the healing process is not quick.  It's not even easy.  It takes openness, dedication and self-awareness.  Sadly, the body does not always have enough time to catch up in the process to where one's soul and spirit are experiencing the healing.  And this is where medical (allopathic and/or natural) come into play - to simply buy time.  But even while a person may not experience a physical curing of their disease, it does not mean that they haven't experienced healing.  In fact, I have now seen on a few occasions where patients have experienced beautiful healing, and yet their life here on earth ended before they or their loved ones had hoped. So while they experience the release of physical disease in life after death, they were able to experience healing of the heart and soul while still present on this earth - and that is a healing with eternal value!

One of the few guarantees in life is death. While too many leave this earth before we believe they should, their souls continue on for eternity.  So you see, any cure is temporary anyway.  Healing goes into life beyond.  So what is more important for you? 

Posted on 05/30/2018 5:33 AM by Paula Swift
Wednesday, 9 May 2018
Cancer Mindset - Part 3 - Loving Cancer?!

"Learn to Love Your Cancer"...

Say WHAT?!?!  Yup, you hear that right.  And the first time I heard it, I thought it was absolutely crazy talk!  But the more I learned, and the more I was willing to receive in my healing adventure, the more I understood this seemingly backwards idea.

When working with cancer patients, we explore this idea, sometimes together and sometimes it's just left for them to investigate and consider on their own.  While many who have healed from cancer can more easily understand this concept, most who are experiencing a diagnosis or who have not had to endure a systematic illness are completely turned off by the mere suggestion.  But over the past year, I have had the opportunity to see what happens to those who learn to love their cancer (or whatever disease they are encountering) and those who choose otherwise.  To help one get on the path of "loving the enemy", here are some thoughts to consider.

1 - To love and accept does not mean nurturing.  
Through life, we are taught that love is nurturing and supportive of growth, and the last thing a person with cancer wants to do is nourish the cancer cells.  Well, of course!  I certainly did not and this was my inital thought when this concept was first proposed to me.  Why in the world would I want to nurture something that I'm trying to eliminate?? 

2 - Love is the opposite of fear and anger.
Several studies in quantum physics reveal a connection between anger/fear and systematic disease - specifically cancers.  Often, these emotions are naturally occuring when one receives a diagnosis and while we must acknowledge these emotions, to let them continue without working towards love will only continue to feed the cancer cells on an energetic level.  That fueling then affects the matter of each cell creating a physical response to multiply.  This state of mind also keeps the body in "fight" mode (or "fight or flight") that taxes the adrenal system and prohibits proper function toward empowering the immune system.  To remove these fuels, they must be replaced with a loving envirnoment that will allow for the body to rest and recover, igniting a domino effect that while starting as an energetic or quantum trigger, results in a physical reaction of boosting immune system and overall functions.

3 - Love conqures all.
While the peace-keepers in the world know this, understand this, live this and teach this in a variety of belief modules, for me, this is a Biblical foundation.  GOD IS LOVE.  He has created us with love.  He teaches with love.  He heals with love.  We are commanded through the Bible to "love our enemy" and that "love conquers all".   Well, consider this... disease is, or the source of, the enemy as a result of man's sin.  As someone struggling with disease, we just want it out of us, right?  Why is that?  Because it's NOT RIGHT.  Our body is not at ease.  Our spirit is not at ease.  Where does that come from?  The enemy.  And we know from Biblical teachings that the enemy can NOT survive where love exists, where the name of Christ is spoken.  It may try, it may make great strides, but ultimately, it will be defeated.  Apply that same principal to your disease.   When you love yourself and all that is within - including the current disease - only that is of love can survive.  Essentially, love it away....

4 - Love teaches. 
Whether we want the lessons or not, loving our disease allows for the disease to teach us what we need to learn.  For each person, this will be very different, but this is where the real adventure begins!  This is where the knowing yourself intimately happens.  This is where seeing yourself, your true self, your soul becomes more of how God sees you.   You begin to wear different shades of glasses.  You will become more self-forgiving and therefore more forgiving of others.  You will experience full circle, working and learning to love your cancer will take you through an adventure that brings you back around to becomming a person full of love for self and others.

So, what would "loving your cancer" mean for you? 
Would you dare to attempt this approach?

Posted on 05/09/2018 4:54 AM by Paula Swift
Wednesday, 2 May 2018
Step 1...just breathe...

The Essence of Life is Breath...

As a member of Healing Touch Buddies in FL, I received this image to share...and it really promted further thought on this matter. We all know this in our minds, but for someone who's just received a cancer diagnosis, it is a critical reminder. Remember, I've been there...the shock catches your breath and not just for a moment, but for hours, days and even weeks for some.

Breathing is Life...

From the book of Genesis, we know that when God created man, He breathed life into him, giving us our soul, our essence.  And just as He did with Adam, He does with every living human born since. It is this breath that makes us unique and hosts the physical life being for an eternal soul. It is the God-given physiological connection to our mind, heart and soul.

Why Intentional Breathing?

Focusing on our breath allows for us to "ground" ourselves, which can be a little different for everyone. For me, "grounding" means that I am tuning out the noise of the world around me and shift my focus inward and upward (towards God). When we sit, even just for a minute, close our eyes and listen to our breath, things change as this grounding begins. Our thoughts change, our physical body shifts, our heartbeat steadies, our nerves calm.  We may or may not begin to see things a little clearer just yet, but we do begin to see more, feel more, hear more.  At first, thoughts and feelings of fear may quickly enter the mind, but with time, those too will begin to shift and relieve. This is the foundation of all energy work and can be practiced alone or with the assistance of a healing facilitator through healing touch.

Physically, as our hearts steady, our bodies are then given permission to relax and become calm.  This then allows for the adrenals begin to relax, which is physically critical for the healing process to begin.  When one receives traumatic news and is told to "fight the cancer" by the well-meaning family, friends and doctors, the adrenals take those messages and go into that fight or flight mode.  This is incredibly taxing on the body and immune system which are needed to eliminate the cancer.  But when we allow our body to relax and those adrenals as well, we then give them a break, putting our bodies into rest and recovery mode.  Just like when you have the flu and you need to rest and recover while your body alternates the fighting off the virus with a fever. Physical healing requires both! Fight or flight first immediately followed by rest and recovery. But unfortunately, the "fight" mentality takes over for those facing cancer, therefore, their bodies can never benefit from the rest and recovery periods.  This leads to a whole host of issues as the immune system them becomes severely compromised and the person is unable to ward off treatment side effects in addition to environmental daily hazards, not to mention do it's part in eliminating the cancer.

How to Breathe...

I know, this sounds silly - we all breathe without thinking about it.  But to fully benefit from conscious breath, there are a few techniquest that can be practiced.  And, I say practice because it does take time to get used to breathing deeply and take full advantage of the opportunity to ground oneself. There is a yoga breathing practice that utilizes alternating nostrils to create optimum airflow (my favorite). There is also the practice of breathing in slowly for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and then release for 5 seconds.  Multiple deep breathing exercises can be found on youtube to find one that suits you best.  Once you get used to the physical action, it's a great foundation for prayer and meditation and before you realize it, you will be incorporating these practices into multiple activities throughout your day.

How You Can Help Others...

If you have a loved one facing cancer, gentle reminders to take quiet time for controlled, deliberate and mindful breathing can be one of the best support methods you can offer.  Give them their space, give them their quiet time, ensure no disruptions, and then be present for them when they finish.  Give them 2 minutes or 2 hours...whatever they need and want.

Regardless of where you are in your healing adventure, just Breathe....

Posted on 05/02/2018 4:39 AM by Paula Swift
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