Thursday, 23 June 2016
Busy-ness = Sick-ness

I'm so busy these days!   How often do we hear that when we check in with our friends?  Probably 9.5 out of 10 times, right?  Until cancer, I was one of the 9.5 and today I am the 0.5.   Why?  

Because my life depends on it.

After more than 2 years of study and research, I have yet to come across a cancer patient who lived a full life with room to spare.  Though there are a few who might appear to be living in such a way, the truth is that they are crammed full either physically, mentally or emotionally.  Just like those who look healthy on the outside, and yet hidden disease is building within.  The most obvious "busy-ness" we see is long days filled with demands from family, work, friends (even play time) that don't allow for self-care and reflection. 

Becoming Minimalist describes the 9 lies that keep our schedules overwhelmed.  And you know what?   All 9 were somehow, somewhat involved in my own life before cancer.  And even today, a few continue to knock on my conscious door now and then, and I have to pay attention and work through those days and times to be rid of them before they consume my life - my health - once again.   It's far too easy to slide down this slope!  Frankly, it's an addiction, and like with any addiction, the first step is to recognize.

If you are in your own healing adventure right now, or have been in recent times, much of this will make great sense!   So to you, let this be a reminder.  If you are learning to prevent or help another in their adventure, then perhaps you will be able to recognize some of these lies and realize that you have the choice to change things.

You must make room for healing to take place.
You must make room for your soul, body, mind and the Spirit to speak to you.
You must make room for your body to rest, restore and recover.
You must make room for reflection.
You must make room for dreams and following passions.
You must make room to forgive - yourself first and others second.
You must make room to love -  yourself first and others second.
You must make room for God to continue to mold you into the person he created you to be.

Because I guarantee you, freedom from a continued crazy life will allow you the ability to do what you need to do to heal and maintain a healthy and fulfilled life!

What is the one thing you need to free from your calendar today?

Posted on 06/23/2016 5:37 AM by Paula Swift
Tuesday, 21 June 2016
It's Ok - You CAN Fire Your Doctor!

Your Fired!    If only it was that easy, right? 

Only in recent decades have doctors had the presumed power over patients, turning what was once reverence to one of fear today.   Fear of confrontation and questioning is quite common because no one wants to feel belittled during a health crisis, and sadly, that is often the result.  The overall tension of "I know best and certainly better than you" that is so heavily emitted from doctors today - whether intentional or not - often leaves patients cowering under their spell and continuing treatments and protocol that their soul is pleading with them to stop.

In my adventure, I have fired two oncologists, and I don't regret doing it either time.

The first "dragon doc" (as I called her) was an industry favorite placed high upon the cancer pedastal in the community.  She was a leader in research and renowned speaker.   She came highly recommended when i made it known I wanted to pursue integrative options due to her supposed advancements in progessive treatments.   What this translated to was that she was progressive in new chemotherapy options and carried a massive god complex.

In my two brief encounters with her, she offered doom and gloom should I decline the preventative chemotherapy that she was recommending.   She dismissed every tool and practice that I was already moving forward with, claiming that the most it would do would be to help me recover more quickly from the chemo treatments.  She offered absolutely ZERO positive words!  My patience ended when she claimed that my cancer would return without the preventative chemo and with that, she would not be able to help me, and that nobdy could.   My thought was, "you're not God".   BYE BYE!

My second oncologist was much more pleasant and followed the AMA regulated protocol that I was expecting.  After providing me with all the conventional options and his case for why I should be doing chemo an tamoxifen, he finished with offering his support for whatever I chose to do, and would be willing to track me every 6 months.   This was good for the time being, and I had him continue to track and test me for about 18 months, until I looked at what was really being tested.   The standard testing will only show when cancer returns, and does nothing to show whe my body is creating the envorintment for it to return (a fundamental concept in why cancer develops to begin with).  I realized why that feeling of not being protected to the best possible extent had been haunting me.

I found an MD who monitored my whole body and would measure not only for vitamin and mineral deficiencise, cell counts and other, but also antigen markers to show if my body was beginning to allow cancer to flourish.   The beautiful thing about cancer, sit that even with aggressive types, it is relatively slow growing.  If you can catch the changes within your body's environment, you can make the changes necesssary to keep the cancer from developing.    Upon finding the right doctor who could do this, I was able tl let go of my 2nd oncologist.

Today, I leave my doctor's office with confidence in my body's health!   If you have any understanding of mind and body connection, you get how powerful that confidence is.

This article reviews six reasons why one would want to consider firing their oncologist, and I encountered some of these with both oncologists.  The most obvious and common is #2 - when you find it uncomfortable to talk to your doctor.  If you are considering natural and other options outside of the standard treatments, you SHOULD be able to have great conversations with your doctor about this!  I am able to with my breast doctor/surgeon, which is why I continue to work with her among other reasons.

Be empowered!  Your body is your responsibility and no one elses, not even the greatest oncologist out there.  Be reminded that their words of "we have to" does not mean you have to.  You have a choice - you always do.   And ask yourself these questions:

1 - Do you believe your doctor is YOUR advocate (and not the industry's)
2 - Do you feel empowered when working with your doctor?
3 - Does your doctor support all of your methods for healing - whether in conjunction or in conflict with their recommendation?
4 - Are you getting sicker?  Or better?  (remember that just because the cancer might be diminishing, your body may not be getting better)
5 - Does your doctor talk to you about future treatments for long term?  Or are they focused on getting you healthy so that they never have to see you again?

Whether you are seeing a conventional oncologist or a nautropath, ask yourself these questions and you might be surprised not only at these answers, but other information that your body and the Holy Spirit decide to tell you. 

Doctors DO NOT EQUAL God!


Posted on 06/21/2016 11:37 AM by Paula Swift
Thursday, 16 June 2016
Music Played a Role
I first began working with a natural practitioner and energy healer back in 2004.  Several sessions in those early years exposed such deep truths that brought great insight to the issues that I was already aware if in addition to many more I was not.   Throughout the process, one word kept surfacing consistently in these sessions, and even continued on as I worked with other practitioners over the years.  Grief.

This grief was a mystery, simple, yet so very complex as I chose to live with joy for most of my life (aside from a chunk of years in early adulthood).  Joy was so often noted by others in how I lived, so to have grief be repeatedly showcased left me perplexed with each revealing session.   My healing facilitators and I talked through several scenarios revealing possibilities of sourcing this grief laying deep within my soul.  Through healing touch, muscle testing, meditation and prayer, I sought an answer to the root.  Yet no answer would come about.

It was no surprise to learn that my cancerous physiological make-up comprised of several elements pointing right back to this emotion.  From my spinal misalignment to the disfunction of the particular organs and systems, there were direct correlations to grief as determined by various natural practitioners.  If only I was able to trace this back and work through this supposed grief, perhaps I could have avoided cancer?  Maybe, but maybe not.  

Six months before my diagnosis, I had a musical experience that was seemingly nothing special, yet remained quietly in the back of my mind, seeping into my subconscious without my own knowing.  The timing also coincided with the toxic trigger development of my tumor, something I inherently understand now is no coincidence. But at the time I was blissfully unaware of any significance a musical piece would have on my journey.  As a production director at my church, I have the opportunity to experience worship multiple times on a Sunday morning that I am working.  This particular Sunday morning presented a song that hit me in a strange fashion...a lump in my throat built up but I could not understand why.  The song wasn't reverent or surrendering, nor sweet in sound.  In fact, it was musically intense, beautifully written, and blended with somewhat unconventional melodic structure.  Typically when a song impacts my heart, the reason is clear as the message is strong and relevant to my life unfolding at that time.  This particular song replayed the story of Adam and Eve...a story I was familiar with since early childhood, but at that time seemed to have no real relevance to my present life.  It did not make sense as to why it evoked a tearful response and there was no obvious thought or conviction provoked by it's lyrics.  For days following, the song of this story rang through my ears.  Each time tears would threaten to fill my eyes until I moved my thoughts elsewhere.  Eventually the spell of the song faded as the days passed.

Move forward to the week following my diagnosis and energy sessions that once again had revealed "grief".   My family was set to gather in New York City for a vacation that had long been planned.  With the family venturing to meet us from across the country, my husband, son and I took flight to meet with them in the grand city for a celebration of Christmas together.  I was determined to enjoy the time and not burden my family with the looming uncertainty, even with my own heavy heart wrestling in a web of continued peace. The two-hour flight offered some reprieve from all the activity of recent days and I looked forward to some quiet time with my ipod while my husband and son enjoyed games of their own.   As I settled into the flight and music filled my soul, I began to relax...only to be brought to an awakening shortly thereafter.

The familiar sounds of a song that took hold of me months earlier began to play, and once again gripped me deeply - this time, piercing to my core.  But unlike before, the baffling was gone and a moment of realization is what captured my heart.  Oh my sweet you-know-what!!   God was shaking me, calling loudly to me... "Don't you see???  Do you not realize what I have been putting right before you for you to know???"  

The deep rooted grief that had once been suspected to be from generations before me, confirmed it's source.  I cried without being able to stop...and as hard (yet quietly) as one could on a plane filled with strangers.   I grieved... I grieved deeply for myself and more so for mankind, for our separation from God that we allow with sin.  For the regret of our unwillingness to hold faithful to His commands, bringing only pain to ourselves.  As I held the song on replay to allow my heart to process and open myself to what God was trying to tell me, my grief slowly melted to gratefulness during the 90 minutes remaining in my solice.  Gratefulness that even though we fail as humans, God remains faithful to us.   His words to me that had been ringing in my ear for days took on a whole new meaning.  "I got you.  I got this."    Yes, He did!   Even though I'm most undeserving, He was going to heal me.   Not only was He already healing my cancer, He was healing my heart of generations of grief.

By the time we landed, my wet eyes were not those of grief, but rather relief.  The burden of grief had lifted and new life was once again breathed into me!  No longer does grief show up, and no longer do painful tears emerge with the sound of that song.  In fact, I love listening to it as it brings me  a hope that I never really knew I needed.  We can all have such closeness to our Creator if we are open to it, inviting of it.   But to experience it is purely magnificent!   Had God revealed to me earlier the root of my grief, it would not have allowed for me to have that care of the intertwining of heart and soul with body, and to grasp my worthiness for His healing.  I would not have realized the depth of hope in full restoration and healing that He has for us in eternity.   Even with sickness, He sees all of me, and says I'm good.

Music played a role in peeling back another onion layer to my complex existence, encompassing my soul and body.

Posted on 06/16/2016 5:40 AM by Paula Swift
Tuesday, 14 June 2016
Food Nightmare Fundamentals

Food Nighmares.   If you aren't convinced that your processed food is a culprit in your cancer or other chronic illness, perhaps the mere disgust of what is used will be enough to keep you from continuing to consume such products.  Everything from feces to mechanically separated meat (everything BUT the actual meat - often found in canned meat products and pet food), in addition to a seeming multitude of ingredients showing carcinogenic affects on animals, have been used to supposedly enhance the processing of food.  Ummm. ICK!!!

Check out this one of the many articles out there highlighting food ingredients that will gross you out, all hidden with fancy names that most won't take the time to investigate.

You might be thinking that you are safe as you are already pretty alert in this field.  You don't eat Vienna Sausages or frozen pre-packaged meals.  Okay, yes you are on the right track.  But it does not mean that you are in the clear.  This is where it gets important to know what ALL terminology is when it comes to label reading.  Want to know what "natural flavoring" really is??  You need to.  Otherwise, how else will you know you might be consuming anal gland juice?!   NO JOKE!

So what was I regularly consuming before cancer that I thought was ok?    One example is products with caramel color - found in whiskey, soy sauce, breads, Zataran's jambalaya mix (an occasional favorite in our home) and a few other items discovered in our pantry (yes, like my hubby's vice - Dr Pepper).   Doesn't seem harmful, right?   It's in so many things we consume.  Yet caramel coloring - depending on the type (there are 4) - can have a variety of reactions, and it was found to be a carcinogen in animal testing.  Check out one of my favorite resources for more on caramel color and other food ingredients!

The good news is that there are still so many options on eating well, healthy and quickly without being boring.  Here is a wonderful site, among many, to help get you started on healthy recipes.

The bottom line in first steps of eating healthy & wise is this food nightmare fundamental: 

avoid processed foods!!

Posted on 06/14/2016 3:57 PM by Paula Swift
Thursday, 9 June 2016
Finding the Puzzle Pieces

That was one of my first thoughts when I received my diagnosis.  And it was also the thoughts of each doctor I worked with.  So for those of you who know me well, and my independent stubbornness, you were not surprised when the unanswered questions weren't going to cut it for me.   I had a puzzle in front of me and I was determined to finish it!   Though I had no idea the spine was in play...

Immediately my healing adventure began by incorporating my own pursuit of answers, methodology and possible treatments.  The first layer consisted of many short term elements that helped my body to eliminate the cancer:  homeopathy, alkaline diet, and supplements among other items all aided in the elimination of my cancer.   Many of these are now part of my lifestyle to maintain good health.  But I still wanted to know "how".

Part of the holistic path in any disease recovery is the spiritual - mental - emotional side.  I was working heavily in this area to uncover the contributors to my cancer, but was still baffled by the physical side of things.  The biology.  My body, one that I had been working on taking very good care of.   My doctor had mentioned to me that the tumor appeared to be approximately six months old...and my first "ah-ha" moment occurred. 

Six months prior I had been working in Moore, OK in the recovery of a massive tornado.  We were working through a rubble pile that just a week prior had been someone's home.  Our task was to find a box of photo albums for the owner - it was all she wanted from her destroyed home.   As I worked through the wood and debris, my nose itched.  And for a brief second I lifted my mask to scratch, only to instantly regret it as I inhaled what we believed was fiberglass from the insulation.  Immediately I burned from the back of my throat down to my chest.  And I burned for 3 weeks!   At the time, I was not educated on the many things that I could have done to heal myself.  But I knew in that moment with my doctor, that is what triggered my tumor.

I say trigger and not cause for a reason.  In the short amount of research that I had started on, I had already learned that tumors develop when cancer cells (a common occurrence) are no longer able to self-destruct as a result of an interruption in the body's ability to self-heal (aka: our immune system).   So what prevented my body from flushing the high dosage of toxicity through my body, allowing it to sit in my chest, burn for three weeks, and ignite the loose cancer cells that happened to be routinely flowing through me?

It was another "ah-ha" moment!   Reading through the various areas of the body and one's environment that can contribute to cancer, I came across a resource explaining the role in spinal damage and the nervous system and their connection to cancer.   There was nothing concrete to tell me this was it, but it was a deep knowing, that this was my missing link in the biological puzzle.

Sure enough, a mild case of scolisis combined with subloxation in the neck = lots of minor issues that when combined, allow for catastrophe.  

So here's the breakdown:   The scoliosis hinders the output of glutathyon produced by the thymus.  Glutathione is one of the body's immunity hormones.    When the heavy dosage of toxicity went into my system, it sat in my chest where a healthy and strong amount of glutathione would have been able to put the body's immune system into action and flush it out and heal the body.   But my thymus couldn't work hard enough and fast enough to beat the toxic beast - because it was being limited by the spinal connection that happened to be disrupted by the damaging curves.   Add to it the subloxation in the neck also hinders brain signals to the body, so when the brain is working harder to send those danger, danger, danger signals and reactive responses to the rest of the body, it can't get all the signals through when subloxation is blocking that messaging path.

Skeptical?   When I talked to my breast doctor about this, her exact response was "Hmm, that's very interesting.  Most all of my patients have some level of scoliosis in that part of their back".

HELLO!!!!!!    Did she really just say that???   Yup, she did.

Ahhhh.... one more piece to the puzzle.   And now chiropractive correction and regular care is part of my lifestyle, and that of my family as well.

Posted on 06/09/2016 5:37 AM by Paula Swift
Tuesday, 7 June 2016
Why Killing Cancer Isn't Enough

Cancer Killers.   It is one of my favorite books when it comes to the basic essentials of understanding cancer, how to rid the body of it and help to prevent it.   The approach in this book along with other holistic healings is not only to rid the cancer, but prevent it's return.  And frankly, that is the biggest difference between conventional treatments and holistic approaches.

When one chooses surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation, they are choosing options that will hopefully remove any cancer from the body.  Of course, we all know that there are high risks with all three and that especially with chemo and radiation, damage is done to other areas and systems in the body.  

When a patient receives the "cancer free" verdict from the medical team after having completed any treatment, conventional or natural/holistic, they enter a very vulnerable and critical time.  Imminent danger is supposedly gone, and the temptation to relax and feel that everything is okay (for now) can easily creep in and overshadow any teachings that the body has been working to inform the patient about.  At this point, the patient truly has two options to choose from:

ONE  Resume life as before.  But is it really?  It's more about resuming the same ol' lifestyle and habits.  I get it - those are what's comfortable!  It's what feels "normal", something that every cancer patient craves.  But with the periodic testing, screening, continued preventative treatments and trust that the system is taking care of them, this is their new normal.   To me, this is shifting the responsibility from the patient to the medical system - a system that continues to fail, over and over and over. 

There is a false sense of security with this approach.  Why?  Because these screenings and tests only detect when cancer has already started to return, rather than the conditions that might allow the cancer to return.  Or they are receiving ongoing preventative treatment that really isn't doing anything.   More and more people today are receiving "preventative" chemo and raditaion on top of surgery, which when you really begin to understand the basics and logic of cancer cells, you realize how irresponsible this is for the medical community who's first and foremost role is to "do no harm".  That hypocratic oath is broken every time a treatment is prescribed to a patient, knowing that there will be future damage as a result and active cancer is not present.  But I digress...

TWO  Resume life with life change.  This is when the patient begins take responsibility for their own health, their own body, their own life.  It's not an easy road to start, but it certainly makes life easier for years down the road.  They seek information on how to better care for themselves.  They do their own research.  They rest.  They listen to their body.  They begin to ask their body the questions necessary for real healing.

So why isn't killing the cancer enough?  The answer really is pretty simple:

If you don't take the time and effort to understand WHY and HOW you, your body, you as a unique individual, developed cancer, the likelihood of a return is quite strong.  I'm not trying to be a pessemist, but honest here.  Think of the times when you or others develop illness from an infection, and that infection keeps returning despite the attempts of multiple antiboitics (STREP is a common one).  There is a REASON for this.  Despite what your doctors will tell you, you CAN discover the answers of why and how.  You CAN take steps necessary to not only do your part in preventing the return of cancer, but keep you healthier and stronger than you ever thought possible.

While the contributors and elements of cancer might be quite complex, they are not complicated. 
Rather they are pretty logical when you begin to connect the dots and apply the various theories to your own life.  This approach is what ignited my curiosity, awe and excitement for exploring myself and the environments of others that allows for cancer to develop.   And that's really what it is - your own environment.  The culture that your body lives in, in conjunction with your heart and mind creates an environment of its own that will either defend disease or host disease. 

This is where the responsibiity kicks is up to you to explore and discover yourself in this manner.  The medical community is no equipped to help you with this and you will receive a wide range of responses in your pursuant of such information.  But what harm can it do?  NONE.   But it certainly will help!   Imagine having an "ah-ha" moment when you come across some research that you can say "yup, that's me!".   And not only having the awareness of what it is, but then finding resources to help you reverse, adjust or mend that area of your life.  Think of the peace in knowing what is really going on in your body, and the awe in recognizing your own attunement with yourself as you being to be more aware of the little warning signs that you previously were clueless about.

Without this understanding, patients will live with fear, doubt, and victimization for the rest of their lives, always looking over their shoulder for the recurrance.  If you've ever suffered from an act of crime or lived through a devastating natural disaster, you know what it's like to always have that in the back of your mind.   Will that dark mass in the sky become a tornado?  Was that tremble an earthquake?   Am I safe to fall asleep in my home?  You are haunted, as with so many who simply survive cancer.

Do you want to simply survive?   Do you want to be tied to and vulnerable to a medical system that will continue to insert themselves into your daily life?   Do you want to live in fear?   If you have ever read the book or watched the TV movie, "Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy", you know that this is exactly how the author walks away from her experience.   It is also exactly why I would never recommend this book to a breast cancer patient - funny as the auther may be! 

This mindset and understanding of taking responsibility of your own health and life the is the catalyst to beginning your own healing adventure, and essential to truly live from cancer. 

Look for one of my discoveries on why and how my body developed cancer next...

Posted on 06/07/2016 5:12 AM by Paula Swift
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