Tuesday, 6 June 2017
Essential Reminder...

It's 2:00 PM on a Tuesday... and there's nothing I have to do...

Now, let's face it...if we were 10 years old, this would be a travesty with the inclination to run to a screen to fill this quiet and open mind.   But when you are almost 45 years old and having spent most of your adult time working at least one full time job topped with volunteer work, caring for family, maintaining a home, and working in time for socializing...this should be a welcoming fact, right?  For most who are still in this whirlwind of living, nothing to do on a single weekday afternoon sounds like heaven.  And rightfully so - our minds, souls and bodies CRAVE this in desperation...

But I will fully admit that when it first becomes part of the normal routine, it is downright scary, even depressing and sadly, filled with self-told lies of worthiness and livelihood!


But that sheer fact of living life so jam packed full of activity is, in itself, truly a disease!   If any of us put our calendars in the hands of a physician back in the 1950's, we would have been admitted to a hospital for both mental and physical stress.  And yet today, we find ourselves in a near panic - or guilt - when we are living simply to how we were designed.

While I've come to learn this well since my cancer, I often need a reminder.   And it's reminders like THIS POST that give me the confidence and language to help others understand that:

1 - No, I am NOT lazy
2 - Yes, MY LIFE STILL HAS VALUE - in fact, moreso than ever before!
3 - You will NOT make me feel that I am not as important as you simply because I'm not always running from meeting to meeting with my phone dangling from my hand 24-7 to capture the so important emails, texts, and phone calls that will come my way.
4 - Emails can wait.  Texts can wait.   YOU CAN WAIT. 
5 - Without my health, I am no good to anyone.  With my health strong, I can do my part to help change lives and fulfill my calling!

I recently responded to a colleague who had emailed me on a Thursday afternoon regarding a non-urgent matter.  I had already set aside my email for the day when he sent it.  Friday was full of end-of-school activities plus some self-work... probably working on Healing Touch and probably my yoga crow pose (I'm making progress!!)  

The weekend came and went.   Monday morning - after taking care of child, a good workout and some self-care time, I returned to emails with a response, letting him know that I had not been on email to respond since Thursday.   He was astonished!!   But he is also good-natured and admitted that he can't wait for the day where he, too, is able to step away from email for a few days at a time...or more.

So, if you are contemplating changes in this area of your life, perhaps understanding the Disease of Being Busy can help prompt your first steps...  

Need more help?  Let me know and I can either direct you to someone, or perhaps a session in Healing Touch might be just the dose of self-care you need to start your adventure.

Posted on 06/06/2017 5:00 AM by Paula Swift
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