Offering Support in Cancer Care
Healing Touch

Cancer became my biggest adventure in life, and it can be yours as well.  Many who don't know my story find this to be rather odd, or even a bit crazy. But for those who have followed, they understand and many have been inspired. 

Whether it's cancer or any other chronic disease, for yourself or a loved one, discover what your body is trying to tell you.  Seeing disease as one of your body's communication tools will drastically shift how you view your condition and address your healing process.   Understanding the mind and body connection, along with integrating the Spirit and experiencing the beautiful healing process, can and will transform your recovery into something greater than you could have imagined!

Explore and discover your own healing adventure.  We hope to offer you enough information to get you started and pointed in a direction that will allow for you to catapult your own path. Educate yourself, your family, and even your own doctors!

Healing begins in the mind,
flows through the heart,
and transcends through the body.

Thursday Thrive interview by EdomonCo.

Living from Cancer
Nashville, TN